Track trolley / Versine surveys

  • Carrying out a Track Trolley Survey on French Railways
  • Platform Coper Clearance Survey
  • Amberg Track Trolley Survey
  • PTST Versine Survey
  • PTST Versine Survey

At BRSSOS we carryout a range track trolley surveying services

to the railway industry and have invested heavily in the most up-to-date track surveying equipment by Leica & track geometry trolleys, manafactured by Consillia (

Our team of experienced professionals has a wealth of experience working on both short and long term surveying contracts and are able to provide a range of flexible solutions for our customers both for Track and Versine survey projects.

As a company we have worked on a number of projects and carried out a range of surveys services which have included:
  • Co-ordinated track surveys, providing XYZ coordinates of each rail, including simultaneous cant & gauge measurements. This enable us to carry out a precise track survey very quickly compared with traditional methods. The surveys can be tied to local or OS grid coordinates. At BRSSOS we believe we are the only company in the UK offering GPS functionality in conjunction with a track survey trolley.
  • Platform coping stone surveys, can be easily & quickly carried out using the trolley with the specialised laser profiler, this provides not just the horizontal & vertical dimensions, but also XYZ coordinates.
  • Tunnel & bridge profiles can be carried out at any interval as required. sc0 files and CAD drawings were created for each profile.
  • Versine surveys carried out over different chord lengths, using a track survey trolley providing Left and Right, Horizontal and Vertical Versines.
  • Using a PTST Versine trolley for surveying over a 3m chord and very small intervals, achieving approx 4000 metres per hour of track surveying.
  • Carried out cant/gauge/twist surveys based over a variety of chord lengths completing approx 4000 metres per hour using another specialised track trolley which is ideal for ‘track hand-backs’

We have worked throughout the UK and into Europe with our trolleys, and our close links with manufacturers allow us to produce bespoke survey equipment.

To find out more about these services please get in touch.