Track monitoring

  • Void meters used for settle measurements
  • Amberg track trolley survey
  • Carrying out cant and guage readings
  • Sentripods in use

Track Monitoring

consists of checking the geometric position of the rails for any changes that may be significant to cause a problem with the running of trains. It is imperative that track monitoring is undertaken whenever any work is carried out close to the tracks, where the track could possibly be affected. Network Rail will normally insist that track monitoring is carried out, no matter how small the risk may appear. The main factor to be checked is any change in cant, which could lead to a serious ‘twist fault’. There have been instances where track monitoring has not been carried out sufficiently and serious derailments to trains have occurred, due to a twist fault developing.

Over 10 years of track monitoring experience
Our methods range from a basic cross-level to check cant & gauge through to sophisticated track survey trolleys, we also use Track Monitoring Targets supplied by Sentripod ( as well as being able to manufacture bespoke target ourselves. As a company we have a wealth of experience and have been involved in track monitoring for over 10 years and have worked on a number of sites ranging from a 50m monitoring site for 3 weeks, through to a 5km monitoring site for 2 years. BRSSOS are a Network Rail ‘Link Up’ approved survey company (Link Up ID 24777), and carry out many different methods of track monitoring throughout the UK, for main civil contractors and Network Rail. Previous projects we have carried out track-monitoring for, checking for settlement whilst construction work took place include Channel Tunnel Rail Link, ECML – Potters Bar , also monitoring under-track pipe drives, in Ashford, Selhurst, Ramsgate, Liverpool and many other locations in East London.

All our track monitoring projects are carried out in line with the guidelines included in NR/BS/LI/045 (Issue 3): Monitoring track over or adjacent to Civil Engineering Works: procedure and intervention levels.

If your company has a requirement for track monitoring then please get in touch to see how BRSSOS can assist you.